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The name's Kenway. Edward Kenway. 'm an Assassin, but I live by my own creed on just my ship 'n' open sea. Don't try nothin funny on me...I'm from Wales, if ya know, What I mean
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im kinda like a puppy because if you dont talk to me for a few days i’ll forget you love me and i get really happy when people show me affection and also i eat dog food

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  • Connor[01:44 PM]: when people don’t notice, that they’re supposed to leave…I swear to god-
  • Ellen[01:44]: Still your fathers friend?
  • Connor[01:45]: yes…and my father went getting drinks fromt he basement…it’s been 15 minutes from now
  • Ellen[01:46]: he’s not gonna come back, is he?
  • Connor[01:46]: No
  • Connor[01:47]: I SWEAR I AM GOING TO LOOSE IT


  • Connor[11:23 AM]: I demand reconnaissance, father.
  • Haytham[11:27 AM]: Well, son, there are birds and bees. If both are randy, they play ‘hide the stinger’. sometimes more often…or with other bees or birds. And since we’re all tolerant, it’s also possible, that a bee plays with another bee or a bird with another bird…or a bee plays with a bird, that pretends to be a bird but actually is a bee, just disguised as a bird…or a bird with a bee that is actually a bird just diguised as a bee.
  • Connor[11:34 AM]: ….
  • Connor[11:34]: yeah, but why did you kill the citizens?


  • Edward[09:03 PM]: Dude, I can’t find my phone…can you call me?
  • Kidd[09:03 PM]: Can’t find mine either :/
  • Edward[09:04 PM]: …we should stop drinking :D
  • Kidd[09:05 PM]: but then the girls get so nasty :(

I can’t with you